Neecha Braun
& The Amazing Dobermans

A show for dog lovers of all ages. Neecha and her K9 friends have been delighting audiences in cities all around the world.


Neecha Torena Braun was born in France. Neecha began performing, at the age of seven, assisting her father Eric Braun. In the 1980s, she was invited to become a member of the cast for "Living Unicorn, a Circus Story." Later, as her fame and popularity grew, she was invited to be in the cast of two feature-length movies produced by Ringling Brothers.

In 1987, she was commissioned to perform in Maylasia for both her dog act and her unique trapeeze style. Neecha travels internationally to countries such as Chile, Puerto Rico, Japan and Germany to entertain the masses of circus lovers.

Neecha is an expert dog trainer, well known for her show The Amazing Dobermans.

She and her Dobermans have performed:

Neecha's act won a Choice Award in Canada

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Kings Island 2017 Season

Neecha and The Amazing Dobermans recently performed at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio during the 2017 Summer season.

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